DIY Foot Remedies That Help When You Have Sore Feet

In America, more than 80{da558ed45a99891aa39a683fa2c2949616f04ff6e8e4473bf993ce3bf5f4af86} of adults, suffer from severe sore feet at one time. The sore feet are mostly experienced with athletes. The sore feet can surface due to many reasons. Your feet are, however, vital for the work you are doing if you are an athlete. The good thing is that spending heaps of cash to deal with sore feet is not necessary. You can use some home remedies that are simple and will offer the relief and comfort you need. Some of these remedies have been listed in the article.

One thing you can do is soaking the feet. You can get relief from pain when you use this old and straightforward method. Fill two bowls with water. Take one and fill with cold water while the other one is filled with cold water. Place your feet in the cold water first for five minutes, then shift them to the hot water. The pain in your feet will be brought down when you do this as the circulation will be enhanced.

Secondly, you can use essential oils. Ignoring the popularity of the essential oils is not possible since they have been in use since the old age. You can use the oils to bring down swelling and pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Using a small amount of essential oil is sure to go a long way. The essential oils can be used by adding a few drops to your soak. You can also choose to rub these oils to the parts of your feet that are sore.

You can also rub your feet as a remedy for sore feet. Massaging encourages the flow of blood and makes the body tissues for relaxing. Additionally, the knots in your muscles, which could be causing the pain, will be untangled. You will get more flexibility when your foot muscles relax. You can use oils like sesame oil which is an anti-inflammatory oil. You can get to have an excellent solution for when your feet are aching when you mix this oil with one of the essential oils. When you find that you are not into touching feet, then it will be possible for you to get relaxation when you use a roller massager.

Lastly, you should examine the shoes you are using. Failing to wear the proper shoes can be a great source of sore feet. If your shoe does not fit right, then this will put extra pressure on your feet. When you find that the shoes are worn out, it will be best if you get others. You should consider getting the best slippers for plantar fasciitis to offer comfort during your rough mornings.