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When recreational cannabis was legalized in California in January 2018, there has been a surge from everywhere of methods on how to grow cannabis in a cost efficient and effective ways. Several medical marijuana started their facilities in occupied pre-existing buildings, but sooner, many new entrepreneurs are coming in to be part of the industry. With this increase of interest, new facilities are being constructed and new equipment are needed.

Several medical marijuana facilities in cities have expressed their search to look for a new way to grow cannabis where there is utilization of space in vertical manner that will maximize the yields in high potential. Fortunately, there are teams specializing in systems and space design where maximizing space is their forte that answered to this call. Since the solution was the first one about multi-tiered growing, the whole development process was a learning experience for both clients and space and design teams.Several obstacles like lighting, irrigation, ventilation, plant height requirements and so on, were taken into consideration while the growing system was developed and completed finally within 5 months.

There are companies too that offer products about customizable storage solutions that can be applied to almost anything. There is a company to serve as an example for many years that has been a strong place holder in areas like museums, libraries, hospitals, public safety and military markets. With the coming in of cannabis market as their clients, their systems planners are faced with challenges on how to create a system to serve the needs of this new clientele with products involving living things.

When building a vertical shelving structure in order to grow cannabis, there are challenges that have to be considered. These factors are to be incorporated with each other and thus the idea is not that simple.

The number one challenge is in the placement of lighting where installation should be above right under the shelving section. The ventilation is found to be installed rightly under the shelving section and above. Note that the spectrum in techniques of growing hydroponic or aeroponic to various soil mediums could vary substantially. In either situation, trays are recessed between the structure or beams, or pots can be placed on a wide span shelving. In order for the vertical space to accommodate various height strains, shelves are made adjustable to meet the preference of the growers.

Not only is the cannabis market using the space saver multi-tiered high density movable vertical systems , but other kinds of indoor farming are making use of it too.

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