4 Of The Best Places To See The Northern Lights

Catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights is at the top of a lot of people’s bucket lists. The display of colours dancing across the sky is perhaps one of the most amazing sights in the world. But, just like any other natural phenomenon, seeing the Aurora Borealis is as rare as is it beautiful.

Whilst there are many countries all over the world which are lucky enough to record sightings of the Northern Lights, ensuring that you catch a glimpse of them on your travels is highly unlikely. However, there are some travel destinations which have a better chance of seeing them than others. Here are 5 of the best places where you can see the Northern Lights, but be sure to pack your warm clothes, travelling pillow and a hot drink, it can get pretty chilly!

1. Tomsø, Norway

Tromsø is the largest city in Norway and covers all bases when it comes to catching a glimpse of the aurora lights. Its 70 degree north location provides visitors with great odds of seeing the Northern Lights and the wide selection of restaurants and cafes are sure to keep your spirits up. In a location surrounded by fjords, islands and mountains mean that even if you don’t manage to see them, you’re still surrounded by stunning scenery.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital of Iceland is hugely popular and is still one of the cheapest and easily accessible places to see the Northern Lights. You will need to venture out of the city in order to get the best possible chance of seeing them and there are some great trips which offer you the chance. Whether you combine your excursion with a whale watching trip on a boat or hop on a warm coach and chase them around the island as they appear, be sure to wrap up warm and take something for comfort just in case you don’t seem them, like a travel pillow – you’ll be looking up for a long time!

3. Absiko, Sweden

Officially the most sparsely populated country in Northern Europe, Sweden is in the prime location for seeing the Northern Lights. Set right in the middle of the Skanderna mountain range, Abisko is one of the best villages to visit if you want an almost guaranteed viewing of the lights. The mountain range’s snowy peaks help to keep the clouds away, meaning clear skies and the almost total lack of light pollution means that you have a much better chance of seeing them than anywhere.

4. Moray Coast, Scotland

You don’t need to venture too far in order to see the Northern Lights. There are plenty of viewing hotspots in the Scottish highlands. The Moray Coast, which stretches east from Inverness, is a great choice if you want to be in on the action. Nairn is a small town which overlooks the Moray Firth and boasts a surprisingly dry and sunny microclimate, which is perfect at boosting your chances of catching a light show