The Kids Did Not Break the Toilet

When the kids came running into our bedroom a few months ago yelling, we knew something was up. They are usually very boisterous, but they know to not bother us when we are trying to sleep in on the weekend. That they would disregard this rule meant that something probably got broken. They told us that the toilet in the main bathroom was overflowing, so my husband ran down to see what was wrong. I already figured we would need to call a plumber in Townsville to come out and fix something for us, but I waited to hear back from my husband first to see if that next step really was needed.

He was not able to see what the problem was at first sight, so he just ran down and turned off the valve instead. That kept the toilet from overflowing anymore, and then he began to clean up the mess. By this time, I knew that I needed to contact the plumber, so I had begun my search. It just surprised me that I had never needed to call a plumber before this with four rowdy kids in the house!

Thankfully, the plumber was able to come out that same day. We have two other bathrooms, but this was our main one that company uses, and we use it the most too of the three bathrooms. The plumber told us that there was a problem with the mechanism that regulates water flow. He was able to fix it with replacement parts that he had brought with him, and it was operational again within a half hour. When I asked him if it was something the kids had done, he laughed, explaining he had four of his own. He said that they had nothing to do with this, which made me very surprised but happy too!