Formula 1 Fan Facts

Love a bit of motor racing? Here are some top Formula One facts for you:

  1. Getting Heavy

Formula One cars have been getting heavier. Since 2017, they have been redesigned to be heavier, wider and faster than the previous season’s cars by four seconds. This has been done to improve the driver’s handling of the powerful machines.

  • Fastest laps

Now cars are a few seconds faster, could we see a new lap record set soon? The current fastest lap record belongs to Montoya of Columbia who lapped Monza at an average of 163mph in 2004. Perhaps you’ll see it happen if you book a race day experience at the Monaco F1 Paddock Club  with

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  • It’s all in the numbers

From 2014, drivers have been able to pick their own car numbers. If they decide to move teams, that number can move with them. That number stays with them up to 2 years after their last race. A new champ can choose to have the number one for one season following his victory and was last used in 2014 by Sebastian Vettel.

  • Feeling Hot!

During a race, a Formula One driver loses approximately 7lb. You might think they’d stay cool but no, the temperature in the driver’s cockpit can reach up to 50C or higher when racing in hot places.

  • Winning isn’t always everything

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you win, it’s still not enough to win the championship. Lewis Hamilton won more races than any other driver in 2016, but it still wasn’t enough to take the championship. Nico Rosberg took the title because of his consistent high placings, despite winning 9 races compared to Hamilton’s 10.

  • F1 isn’t sexist

You might wonder why all drivers are men, but it’s not done on purpose. Formula One is open to both men and women. The first woman to compete was Maria Teresa de Filippis who raced in 1958. In 1975, Lella Lombardi came sixth place at the Spanish Grand Prix and became the first and so far, only female to win championship points.

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  • Super suits

Drivers’ suits can withstand temperatures up to 840C for 11 seconds. This is essential to protect drivers in the event of a crash or car fire. A Formula One helmet can take temperatures up to 800C.

  • Extreme G’s 

When you walk around a corner, your body experiences about 1G of G-force from earth’s gravity. When a Formula One driver brakes to go around a corner, they are experiencing up to 5G – that’s x5 times their own bodyweight pushing back at them!

  • Pampered Pets

Lewis Hamilton owns two bulldogs called Roscoe and Coco. As you can imagine, these are two seriously pampered pooches. They have their own Instagram account with over 100,000 followers. They also get to travel on their very own cream leather seats in Hamilton’s £20m private plane!… Read More..