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Discover How to Sell More Books Whether in Person or at Events

People can promote or sell their books either in person or at events, and they can do this with some tips to follow. Nowadays, with activities like comic cons, one can promote and sell his or her books.

The first thing you will do in this kind of event is to try to keep your costs down, especially if you are still starting, you can get the cheapest table you can find. Sharing a table with another author interested to sell his or her works is also another way.

As an established author, ways of maximizing your sales can be done.

The first pointer is to have a pitch that sums up your book in a one-sentence. Avoid confusing people with your complicated or intricate plot.

Making some noise is another tip that you can do. If you have an aggressive personality, like standing in front of your table and be able to hand the book to the passersby, and make some controversial or new message about the story, then do it.

Selling more of your books can be done by drawing more people in with some irresistible offer, and for those who are less sales-oriented person, giving away free print if you can afford, or simply give away pen, bookmarks and others would do. Giving away will be best as you stand and meet people at their eye level, so do not sit behind your table.

Another pointer to get more sales is to have only one book that you are pushing. Be aware of the experience that more items equals more distractions.

Upselling is another great idea, and you can do this by pushing one book and make an offer if they buy more than one or a bundle.

Another thing you can do is to promote your appearance at the event and have fun while getting many interests of your books. The event can also be used as your promotional activity where you can announce about your books to your fans, to media contacts and to potential fans of your work. Whether your sales are light or the foot traffic is low, just smile and have fun, because people typically will buy if they like you smiling rather than see you grumbling behind your table because of low sales.

Fun places like comic cons are the best time to dress up as your favorite character in the book you are selling, and this is another way to invite potential fans and buyers of your books, just limit your attire to a positive one.

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