I Shall Be Home Soon I Hope

Of course it was not in my plan to even be on this side of the world for the past three weeks, but nothing has really gone to plan of late. The deal in Turkey is definitely falling apart and they left me sitting there for weeks doing nothing while the big guys upstairs tried to salvage it. At any rate I learned about casino siteleri while I was there and I lost about fifty euros betting on football matches, by which I mean soccer. I won more back betting on real football or at least what Americans call football. In fact it is rather strange trying to follow American sports over there. London for example is about six hours ahead of us and Paris is 7 hours, in Turkey it is 8 hours. So when the afternoon games start at 1 PM on the East Coast it is already 9PM here. In London you can just barely watch most NFL games on a normal schedule. Here the 4PM Eastern games are in the middle of the night.

At any rate I think that they are afraid that I might just quit on them if they do not let me have a break. I drew the short straw originally and then Jackson had some sort of mental breakdown and I had to cover for him. In fact I have told them that enough is enough. I have not been home in two and a half months and much of that has just been wasted on nonsense. I do not think that there was ever any practical way to get the Turkish deal done in the current conditions. We never had any sort of reliable partner and the government there is not really to be trust if you were to ask my honest opinion on that.