I Am on the Way Home

That does not mean that I am going to be home as soon as I would like unfortunately. Nothing has gone to plan or even close to what I was hoping it would be. At any rate I have mostly been wasting time and spinning my wheels. The deal that we were chasing in the Middle East is hopelessly bogged down and it seems from everything that we can tell that a bribe is expected to make things work smoothly. It seems like a casino siteleri situation to me, or a casino site as it were. I mean that even if we were able to somehow find a way to bribe them, that really would not much guarantee us the result that we want. You would be gambling that you gave the right person the bribe and that they would not just develop a severe case of amnesia right after the money crossed their palm. It is not as you can go and cry to the police about them taking your bribe and double crossing you.

At any rate I just wasted all of my time waiting for something to break. I learned that casino siteleri stuff from watching football matches in hotel lobbies and bars. There were guys there who seemed to have money on every kid throwing a rock in the entire world. They were definitely betting on soccer matches all over the world. It seems as though there are games being played around the clock. You have soccer in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America and obviously in North America. So on the weekends there are quite literally games on around the clock in almost every time zone in the world. I guess that they have soccer in Australia and New Zealand as well, but I am not sure that it is a big deal.