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Celebrities You Didnt Know Suffered From Lyme Disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is known to have various symptoms one of them is exhaustion. Contrary to common belief ,this isnt the only diseases that would cause exhaustion. You probably have heard of Lyme disease which has the same symptoms. When an infected tick bites a person then he or she would suffer from this disease. As much as many people get to be diagnosed with it many more go unnoticed. Many people tend to go on with life not knowing that they have Lyme disease. Many celebrities have come out to campaign on this disease so as to create awareness. Here are some of the celebrities who have been diagnosed with the same. One of the celebrities suffering from this disease is Bella Hadid.

The way she is poised, she wont come across as having Lyme disease but she does and she has found ways of overcoming it. This disease comes with a myriad of symptoms such as fatigue and pain. This disease has made her be in bed for most of the time. Due to her love for riding horses she tend s to blame her brain problems due to lack of riding. She has also created awareness on how she is overcoming it. It is important to also note that Shania Twain suffers from the same ailment. Since it is hard to detect,it has taken her a lot o tine to know what is disturbing her.

She got it from a tick bite. She experienced symptoms such as mild dizziness to fatigue. This would go on to affect her vocal cords which would impede her singing by some great length. Going through therapy helped her get better and she could finally do what she liked which was singing. She said that on the back drop of this she had to go to various therapy in order to ensure that she could get back her voice. At times she would still lose her voice. In other times you ,might have come across a celebrity known as Avril Lavigne. In many aspects her symptoms were very impactful on her career. Diagnosis was ate which would have made it severe after wards. At times it was sever that she talks of times she had to be bed ridden. It had also affected her musical career. She is accepting the changes her body is experiencing and says it requires a lot of work and commitment.

She didnt get diagnosed quickly and hence it caught up to her ten years later. She says she experiences fatigue, sleeplessness and pain. He is now teaching people on advantages of checking for ticks in order to recover.